Think you’re bipolar? It just might be your thyroid.

Has your doctor told you there’s nothing wrong with your thyroid?  The balance of your thyroid hormone is critical to both your physical and your psychological health. Hypothyroidism can mask as Bipolar Disorder. Thyroid imbalance may be the same issue as with my last post. If your gut flora balance and digestion are out of kilter, the proper enzymatic reactions aren’t happening — even if you’re getting enough Iodine, it may never reach your thyroid.

Your mineral balance is critical to thyroid function, too — Selenium is necessary to break apart the Iodine into T3.

Are you getting enough Selenium? Is your gut processing it all properly?

In 2010 I started exhibiting wild Bipolar swings–staying up for days on end, crashing and sleeping for 48 hours at a time, having horrendously angry, violent dreams. My primary care physician said I needed hormone replacement therapy. I saw a psychiatrist, and she prescribed Lithium.

I sat there staring at the Lithium bottle. I knew people with Bipolar Disorder. Lithium worked wonders — sometimes. Other times they were a complete mess. I wanted to find an alternative. I started researching on my own and discovered -lo and behold! – that hypothyroidism could mask as Bipolar 2 disorder. I continued to research, finding more and more evidence of this possibility. My thyroid had always tested “fine.” Yet, I had always felt that my depression and usually mild bipolar symptoms were metabolic in nature. I requested tests. My doctor’s wouldn’t hear of it. ” (They don’t like it when you second guess them.)

Even though, according to my doctor,  I had no real reason to consider Thyroid imbalance, the more I read, the more I knew she was wrong. All the research showed me that I was very likely suffering from adrenal exhaustion, including hypothyroidism.

I ordered a bottle of Gaia Herbs’ Adrenal Health and one of their Thyroid Support. I wasn’t willing to take a supplement that had bovine adrenal gland concentrate. (Seriously, do you know what they feed those cattle? All I could think of was mad cow disease. No thank you.) Gaia’s formulas are completely botanical.  Everything mitigated within a week. My sleep patterns returned to normal, my moods stopped swinging wildly, and my dreams stopped being angry and violent. Just so you know, 4 years later those types of dreams have never returned.

BUT! I had already cleaned up my gut and my diet and knew my digestion was good, so those botanicals could go to work and do what I needed them to do. Remember that no matter how well you eat, you likely cannot get enough nutrients from your foods without supplementation. And if your digestion is compromised on top of it…well, you know where I’m going with this.

I’m not suggesting that anyone self-medicate. I just want you to see that there are other possibilities out there that won’t show up in tests. And certainly not everything seemingly psychological requires psych meds.






2 thoughts on “Think you’re bipolar? It just might be your thyroid.

  1. Great info , where can I research the correlation between bipolar and thyroid? Ps do you have any great resources for fresh bloggers?

    • Thanks, Billy! Here’s an absolutely stellar place to begin, and this article will give you other links as well:

      Do I have resources for fresh bloggers? Do you mean who to learn from? I have resources from the best. If that’s what you’re looking for, feel free to email me at juliangreene03 at gmail dot com, and I’ll load you up with resources.

      Also, be sure to sign up to receive this blog via email so you don’t miss further discussions of this very topic.

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