What I learned while writing an encyclopedia

I haven’t been around here for a while. In the meantime, I have been writing an ingredient encyclopedia for a health website.

To say I’ve learned a lot would be quite an understatement. I know this — I am more committed than ever before to optimal, natural health.

  • I discovered that every single vitamin, mineral, or other nutrient is just as vital as the next, whether in macro or trace amounts.
  • I learned that they all work synergistically together, and that if you’re deficient in one, it can make you deficient in others because it takes certain ones to catalyze others, or that taking too much of one can suppress others.
  • I learned that you don’t need just one kind of antioxidant — that different ones have different jobs, and that we need them all.
  • And beneath it all, I learned that if our body is undermined by the types of food that we eat, not a single nutrient can completely do its job, leaving us subject to illness and disease. Just as the Chinese have thought (and tried to teach the rest of the world) for millennia, health begins in the gut.

What I hope to do from here on out is to provide you with some of the latest understandings I have gleaned. I scour dozens of sites daily to research new information on gaining optimal health. I want to start curating some of that information so that you can have kind of a one-stop-shop to get a lot of your information. I know that sometimes it’s tough to sort through what’s legit and what’s not. It’s my business to know.

In short, what Kim Grabas does for The Writer’s Weekly Wrap-Up (be sure to look at the list of Featured Articles at the bottom), I want to do for the world of optimal, natural health. Stay tuned.



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