Tzatziki (Greek yogurt-cucumber sauce)

Great as a dip, a sauce, a dressing or a condiment.

I made up a quart and used it as a gyro-type sauce for sandwiches, in place of tartar sauce for salmon, as a dip for pita, and as a salad dressing (for Greek salad).


This recipe calls for Greek-style yogurt, but don’t waste your money if Greek-style is more expensive where you shop. All you have to do is allow it to drain in a strainer (or in cheesecloth, depending on which is more handy for you), for about an hour. The longer you drain it, the thicker it gets, till it is almost the consistency of sour cream.

2 c Greek-style yogurt

2 lg garlic cloves (or however many small ones will make the same amount)

1 cucumber (or 2 lemon cukes) [tip – if it has a waxy peel, peel it off, otherwise, don’t bother]

½ t. sea salt

1 t. dried dill or a healthy sprig of fresh dill

1 T. vinegar (optional)

½ c. crumbled feta (optional) – best for gyros

Toss the cucumber, garlic and dill into the food processor and process until it’s like slush. Drain if necessary. (The more water the mixture contains, the thinner the tzatziki will be.) If you don’t have a food processor, simply dice the cucumbers and fresh dill as small as you can, and press the garlic cloves. Combine with yogurt and salt. A lot of American recipes add a tablespoon of vinegar, but that’s not the way I learned, so I never have. It would probably add some extra tang to it.

It’s best if you can leave this in the fridge overnight, or at least make it in the morning before serving it in the evening. The flavors will be better combined and tastier.


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