Salat Horiatiko (Greek “Village Salad”)

Greek Village Salad (Salat Horiatiko)

Just for the record, in 18 months of exploring taverna after taverna in Athens, never once did I see one served with any kind of lettuce. I’m guessing that is strictly an American addition to pad with cheap filler. My village salad does not contain lettuce.

2 – 3 armenian cucumbers, thinly sliced (If you use regular cukes with waxed peels, you will have to peel them.

2 – 3 small or two large ripe tomatoes cut into wedges

Feta, either crumbled or block style

Red, yellow, or orange bell pepper cut into rings and sliced in half (optional)

Olive oil

Greek olives (pitted)

Sea salt

Oregano to taste

Assemble cucumbers and tomatoes into bowl, or better yet onto individual plates. Add pepper slices, if using. Toss in olives to taste. Sprinkle lightly with salt. Crumble feta over, or place one thin slice on top. Pour olive oil over, dust with oregano and serve.


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