Briefly: 10 Tips for Optimum Nutrition while doing IF

Lifur Dairy Farm

Lifur Dairy Farm (Photo credit: ballookey)


  1. Get adequate fat in your diet. For me this means coconut oil for cooking and smoothies, olive oil for dressings. If you do meat and dairy, the safest way is organic or from grass-fed animals.
  2. Get adequate protein. In the past this usually came in the form of full fat organic dairy and whatever meat I ate. I have discovered that since I stopped eating dairy I no longer have to contend with…with…okay, with a head full of snot all the time. However, if I have the opportunity in the future to get raw goat’s milk, I would return to dairy. I do use shredded cheese on some of my dishes.
  3. Keep your digestive tract in optimal condition with coconut oil (anti-fungal), and an ACV tonic at least once a day. See this post for my various methods of taking ACV. The better your digestion, the better nutrition you will get from your food.
  4. The deeper or brighter-colored a vegetable is, the higher the nutritional value.
  5. The less processed it is, the higher the nutritional value (make it your goal to eliminate nearly all processed foods).
  6. Restrict your beverages to water, coffee or tea. My only sweetener is liquid Stevia.
  7. Always eat fruits and vegetables whole or cut up. Stay away from commercial juices. There is no fiber in juice, and the sugar factor is too high. (There’s a reason they give orange juice to diabetics when their sugar goes too low.)
  8. Stay away from soy. except for occasional organic edamame. If you need a milk alternative, consider almond milk.
  9. If you eat much fish, be sure it is wild caught, not farm raised.
  10. Go organic. You’ll be eating much less now, so spending extra for organic shouldn’t change your grocery bill that much.

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