Progress: Sprinting toward the 6 week goal

It appears I’ve taken a rather circular route to this first goal point. But here I am, and I will find out Monday whether or not my refined postulate is correct.

Let me recap:

My ultimate refined goal for this first 6 weeks is that, having done IF every day for 6 weeks (eating nothing for 18 hours and eating whatever I wanted to during my 6 hours), I will have broken my 223 lb set point, broken my insulin resistance, and for the first time in several years, weigh less than 223 pounds.

Please recall that I have cleaned up my diet considerably over the last two years. Eating whatever I want in those 6 hours means exactly that; however, I am not eating a lot of sugar, white carbs, junk food. I am eating virtually no processed foods (other than canned tomatoes). I have had very little sucrose (a few treats, and always organic), and early followers of this blog are aware of my love/hate relationship with bread–not out of ignorance of the serious problems with wheat, rather out of defiance as a baker.

If you are a relatively new follower of this blog (i.e. the last couple of weeks), here’s what brought me to this experiment: after cleaning up my diet impeccably for an entire year, my partner lost 30 lbs and I lost nothing. Then we went on a holiday binge that lasted from Thanksgiving to well into January, and I gained nothing. I felt crazy, stressed, depressed and ill from the binge, but I gained no weight. This brought me to seek an entirely new weight loss protocol, which led me to Intermittent Fasting (IF). I believe this is key to breaking my insulin resistance.

I started out doing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), but after leaving off for so long, I decided to see whether I could break my setpoint from the IF alone. There are days where I am quite active, others where I am quite sedentary.

Probability: I am pretty sure I have broken my setpoint, broken my insulin resistance, and lost weight. My skinny jeans now need a belt (they didn’t before).

Do I think I can continue to lose weight just doing the same thing? No. At some point, I will come to a new setpoint once my body adjusts to the IF, plus, I want to reach my goal weight (165) sometime in this decade.

The plan for the next 6 weeks. Regardless of the outcome on Monday, I will begin adding in the HIIT at least 4 days a week, and add more 24 hour fasts. After all, it’s not really intermittent if I do the same thing every day.  I am going to research CRON (calorie restricted/optimal nutrition), and see how that might fit into my lifestyle.

I iterate that since the IF has completely quashed my appetite that I have to plan nutrient dense meals for myself. I will continue my research in order to create and record the recipes for my book which will come out shortly after the 90 days is reached on August 17th. Up to now, I’ve been mindful of what I ate, but not always successful in getting proper nutrition. Now that I have money again :), I can do that.

Until Monday…


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