What? No IF benefit for women?

Wow. I went looking around today for other people experimenting with intermittent fasting. There have been reports that IF has no benefit for women. What? Last time I checked, I’m still a woman.

According to PaleoforWomen.com, “Many women find that with intermittent fasting comes sleeplessness, anxiety, and irregular periods, among a myriad of other symptoms hormone dysregulations.”

That sounds more like a healing crisis or Candida die-off to me.

My guess is that women need to do some detoxification first, clean up their diet, and perhaps come gently into IF (12 hours per day to begin). When they’ve gotten used to the 12 hours fast and are ready to get serious, they can jump to 18 hours.

I’ve read that many women try various ways of doing it—some that don’t even make sense. A few hours here, a few hours there, and then trying to do a 24 hour fast way too soon.

I see that I need to quit playing around with this blog and get serious because people need serious information. I see that the majority of the info and encouragement for IF comes from men.

I am guessing that the majority of women complaining haven’t seriously tried it. A lot of people look for excuses NOT to try something.

I worried for a long time that I wouldn’t be able to cook for my partner, or that I would be tempted when he wanted something special. It really has not been a problem. If it falls within my six hours, I’ll eat it. If it doesn’t fall within those hours, I find it really does not bother me.

My habits, my body, my metabolism everything is changing, and right now I’m not exercising, so that can’t be it. The only difference is the number of hours that I eat every day.

I should have said when I was talking about my heavy carb meals-out-of-necessity that I do ensure that I get plenty of good fats every day. I find some way to incorporate about 1/3 cup of coconut oil into my diet, plus more for cooking. I also have my apple cider vinegar (ACV) tonic every day. I’m serious about this because, hey, I’m not getting any younger.

I will tell you that every single day, I feel like I’m in my 40s instead of nearing 60.


Here’s today’s perk – Ways to Take Your ACV

Stevia or Honey is the key. If you’re doing it to cure reflux or heartburn, the honey can enhance the alkalization.

I started out using honey and graduated to stevia in order to get the sugar ramped down.

  • ACV Tonic: My daily ACV tonic consists of 2 tablespoons of ACV, 6 drops of liquid Stevia and a splash of water.
  • ACV Tea: I started out doing 2 teaspoons of ACV in a “tea” of the ACV, 2 T of honey, and hot water.
  • ACV Refresher: When it’s hot out, I pour the vinegar and stevia over ice and fill with chilled, unsweetened, sparkling water.


Up next: an IF guide for women



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