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Progress Report

I’m still here, going strong with my intermittent fasting. I’m learning so much by making my body an experiment. Things have been really lean, money wise, and we’ve noticed it some in our diet, but we’ve never gone hungry. The problem is that when the wallet is slim it ends up that you eat more carbs. However, I’m still having my age-old wrangle with bread. Flour is inexpensive, and you can make a lot of food from 10-pound bag of flour. If only I could get clean flour. Even organic flower still comes from hybridized wheat.

I’m not doing well on the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Even though it is so easy, a too long sedentary life makes me ill-disposed to exercising. And not only is it easy, but I feel better, too when I do it. I know I must exercise because I do find myself feeling a bit dull in the afternoons, and exercise would alleviate that.

However, just through the 1st of July, when I go to weigh in, for the purpose of experiment, I’m going to keep things as they are. I want to see whether I have lost weight simply from doing the intermittent fasting.

Glucose Normalizing

The interesting thing is that my blood pressure has stayed down (111/70), and that means my sugar is normalizing, which means that I may be breaking the insulin resistance, even though I am eating carbs. My diet for the two weeks has consisted of a smoothie for my break-fast, with eggs for protein till I ran out, then with organic peanut butter till I ran out, and now without protein, but I am getting plenty of good fat, fiber, vitamins and general nutrition from them. Then I eat one more meal a day, limited in portions. We’ve not had the benefit of green veggies for a while now, and the second meal has consisted of beans and rice most days (well-seasoned and tasty) punctuated by one meal of fish a week and either bread or pizza a couple of times a week. Homemade pizza is a whole lot more nutritious than any fresh or frozen pizza you can purchase outside your home. I make my own dough and sauce, add shredded cheese—mozzarella when we have it, or cheddar if we don’t. Then I have onion and mushrooms on my half.

It is to be noted that when one has garlic, onions, and a good spice cupboard, most any food can be made highly palatable.

Health is digestion; good digestion means good health

In addition, I make sure to take my cinnamon capsules and what I refer to as my ACV (apple cider vinegar) tonic daily, both of which regulate glucose metabolism, neutralizing some of the carbs, and keeping my digestion in good condition. I believe I can say, along with the Chinese, that good health begins in the gut, as I have pointed out many times throughout these blogposts. When one regulates his or her eating habits and takes measures to keep the digestive system in good condition, many other things that could sicken, simply have no effect. Does that mean I would continue to eat rice, beans, bread and pizza with virtually no veggies if I had the choice? Absolutely not. But it is what it is for the moment.

Perks of poverty

Another interesting observation is that our grocery spending has gone from $600 a month down to $150 a month, and we’re not going hungry. I would never have dreamed we could do it if necessity hadn’t forced our hand.

Another factor in my wellbeing right now and therefore my digestion as well, is lack of stress. Yes, it is a bit nerve wracking to have to pinch pennies so hard; however, when everything else is copacetic in your life, financial stress is doable. I am so grateful to have a roof over my head, a supportive and loving partner, and a beautiful place in which to live and breathe, as well as work that I love.

The reason things are so lean right now is that we are attempting to wind down our freelance writing business and write to publish instead. The circumstances under which we arrived here were difficult and drained all of our finances, yet we would rather be paupers in peace than kings in chaos. And, I might add, it’s better for our health and digestion.

Right Livelihood

I’m thinking often on “right livelihood” these days. I’m still several years from retirement, so I still have to concern myself with making a living. I often say I’m too young to retire and too old for BS. Right livelihood is a Buddhist concept that one should make their living by doing something that feeds their soul, keeps them, and helps others.

I am forming my own publishing company with two other people, and we will help new budding authors who can’t afford the luxuries of outsourcing for editing, formatting, book covers, marketing, etc. That’s the thrust of our Indiegogo campaign that I mentioned last post, I believe. Both my partners (my domestic partner and my business partner) and I are writers and editors. So we are pooling our time and talent, and hoping we can get some people to ante up so that we can get our business started, sustain ourselves and feed our souls while helping others toward their own sense of right livelihood. You can see our video and read about the campaign here.

Happy MidSummer!


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