I’ve been working tirelessly for several days now on an Indiegogo campaign for my new business, so I’m afraid the blog has suffered from neglect. My experiment hasn’t been neglected, however.

Honestly, who would ever have thought that appetite suppression would be so easy? In fact, if I didn’t have to cook for my partner, I would probably do a 24-hour fast at least twice a week.

I am clear-headed. Inspired. I have tons of energy. No, wait – you don’t understand! This is from a person who has felt foggy headed, depressed, and flatly uninspired for literally decades.

I feel like I actually have a metabolism now.

My problem is remembering to eat enough. I’m serious. I realize that that’s not good – that my body can go into starvation mode where it does everything to preserve what it has, and I won’t lose weight. But it is great to not feel controlled by food.

For years I’ve been hypoglycemic and would eat whether or not I was hungry in order to never have to have a hypoglycemic incident. Now I barely eat anything, yet my sugar stays fine. I’m guessing part of it is the cinnamon capsules I take every day which helps regulate glucose.

I will say that there are two potential downsides to not eating, one is not having the stamina for exercise, and one is simply not getting enough nutrition. I’m going to work on a compendium of fresh, quick, nutrient-dense recipes, hopefully ones that can be customized to fit anyone’s food “likes.”

So, perhaps without intending, I’m realizing a paradox here. Having been overweight for over 20 years now, I always think of a “diet” as a restrictive menu, whereas I now need a diet menu to ensure I get enough nutrition. On the menu this evening — buttered, seasoned cod fillet with brown rice and green salad with pesto dressing. No problem with nutrition tonight!

When I first considered calling this the UnDiet, I did a bit of research to see that there was one doctor who used the term, and without a blog. Now there is more than one blog using the name UnDiet 90 Days, so maybe I should change it?

Keeping my fingers crossed that the Indiegogo campaign goes live Monday. Then I can relax a bit, and get back to more frequent posts.


Photo courtesy of Rakratchada Torsap and


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