Day 8 – The Shocking Truth About Bread and Intermittent Fasting

First: a word about High Intensity Interval Training Success & Safety

I love getting feedback from my fans; it often lets me know what I need to talk about.

Even though it’s called High Intensity, it’s not about killing yourself or making yourself sick. I do the 90 seconds at a moderate pace, and then the 30 seconds at a much higher rate, but still comfortable for me. If I start getting nauseous, it’s too much.

Here’s an extremely important factor: working your arms while exercising radically increases your heart rate. That’s why an elliptical machine is better for an aerobic workout than just a treadmill. But if your heart is already stressed for whatever reason – age, weight, too sedentary, too long since you did any vigorous exercise, you need to go easy on it.

I do mine while riding a simple exercise bike with the rowing handles. The reason I like this, is that I have the option of whether or not to use the handles. Therefore, I do my 90 seconds of moderate pace with my arms at my sides then only use the rowing handles for the 30 second intensity portion. Immediately after, I drop my arms again for the next set.

Now, on to the shocking confession

I am a baker. I love breads. I love baking my own bread. I have searched for two years now, and sometimes have just been defiant about the fact that wheat and carbs are bad. I actually started this “UnDiet” to prove that I could break my set point without changing a thing about my diet.

I probably could break that set point and still eat bread. Maybe even lose some weight. But two things have happened over this past week: 1) First, I’ve seen the possibilities here of doing this for life. For that reason, I can still call it the UnDiet. I can see Intermittent Fasting and HIIT are not something I’m going to do just until I lose weight. This is going to become a lifestyle. 2) Thanks to some research I did for a client, everything from reading some of the most popular (and some of the most intelligent, to my way of thinking) health blogs to a nitty-gritty scientific analysis of the effects of protein and carbs at the cellular level, I finally have to admit that if I want to do what’s best for my health that I absolutely cannot eat refined carbs of any kind. I spent long hours crunching the numbers, even finding recipes for sprouted breads. But I think I’m coming to the same conclusion as Dr. Davis (the Wheat Belly guy) – that GF doesn’t hack it, even that ancient grains don’t hack it, that it’s not only the gluten that is bad for you – it’s the fact that it is a processed carbohydrate. The reason I even put the kybosh on the sprouted breads is this: if I’m eating only during 6 hours out of the day, and my hunger has been reduced to nothing so that I barely want to eat anything, then to be really healthy, build muscle to burn fat, I can only afford (and I don’t mean monetarily) to eat the most nutrient dense foods out there. Bread is not one of those.

I was justifying it originally by saying that with all that good whole wheat flour that there was lots of fiber and protein, too, but truthfully, the number of carbs in just two thin slices far outweighs the benefit of the fiber and protein. I spent hours crunching the numbers, writing down all sorts of proposed foods and meals, and the bread was the problem food every time. If I really feel like I need something carb-y, I think I’ll go for a cup of quinoa instead, and likely, only a half cup, mixed into a nice salad.

2 sli homemade w/w bread 1 c pink beans 1 c brown rice 1 c quinoa
Net carbs




















Tomorrow we’ll talk about the most excellent and nutrient dense foods. I’ll have my own list as I see there’s quite a controversy about this online. By the weekend I’ll give you a brief, interesting overview of what causes insulin resistance, and what the results of IR are, in case you don’t already know.


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