Drive Out Your Food Cravings Today


You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I started my UnDiet as a lark hoping to, as I said, break my weight set point. A week into it, I’m a whole lot more interested and positive about being able to truly get fit for life with this protocol. One thing I may not have made clear from the beginning: I do consider this an UnDiet because I’m not changing what I eat, but I had given up sugar, processed foods, and started eating organic a long time ago. So perhaps it would be more fair to say that it’s an “UnDiet” for those who are already food savvy.


Having said that, though, I’m going to put forth a simple protocol below for anyone. If you’re still eating bad stuff and want to quit this is the way to quick success.


Many people have said it, I’m proving it myself, and comparing notes with someone else who is doing IF (Intermittent Fasting): you will lose your food cravings in short order.


So, here are my 4 tips to losing your food cravings fast and 1 more to keep them away.


  1. Start IF first. I started a year ago with a 12 hour IF. It drastically reduced my hunger. Now I’m doing 18 hours. I get hungry once a day when my blood sugar dips too far (normal if you’re eating little and exercising), and I have to remind myself to eat beyond that. Even if you have never done intermittent fasting before, you can start right in with a minimum of 16 hours per day of IF (eating all foods within an 8 hour period). Eating everything within 6 hours is optimal. I promise you that after 2 days, you’ll be amazed at your drop in hunger level. Skip breakfast (shocking, I know!), drink your coffee or tea, take your vitamins. Don’t eat till around noon, and consume everything you are going to eat between noon and 7 pm.
  2. Stand/walk as much as you can. Just being out of your chair, or off the couch and on your feet helps immensely to counteract insulin resistance. However, this does not replace the need to exercise.
  3. Do simple HIIT exercise: stretch/warm up for 5 minutes, do HIIT, 8 reps if you’re under 55, 6 if you’re over 55. If you’re overweight and sedentary, do what you can tolerate in the beginning and work up to the rest. Finish up with 3 more minutes of stretches and cool down walking. In either your first 5 or last 3 minutes, ensure you are getting some resistance exercise. (I use my resistance bands). Mowing the lawn (with a push mower) is resistance exercise.
  4. Once your food cravings are gone, then start eliminating the sugar and processed foods.
  5. Clean up your gut. If you have been a rabid carboholic for a long time, you may have to do a Candida detox (cleanse) and restore your gut bacteria balance with fermented foods, especially plain fermented dairy (yogurt and kefir). If you must sweeten the dairy, only use Stevia. You’ll get the added benefit of losing 5 – 10 lbs and you will likely stop getting sick. Just know that you should start the Candida cleanse over a long weekend because you’ll need to rest during the first few days while your body is dealing with it. I’ll be addressing this issue further in the future.


Actually, step 1 is all you need to start losing your food cravings fast. The other three will put you on a quick road to weight loss and restoring your immune system. See this post.


Still not convinced on the intermittent fasting thing? How about a quote from a medical study? Two groups of people were given a set amount of calories per day (enough to maintain their weight). One group ate them in 3 meals throughout the day, the other group ate them in a restricted time frame. The results? “Participants who ate in a smaller window of time had a significant modification of body composition, including reductions in fat mass.” From The 8 Hour Diet


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