Day 5 – Stick ‘em up–Your Food or Your Life

Day 5 – Stick ‘em up–Your Food or Your Life

Tonight we had Oven Roasted Chicken with Quinoa Dressing. The cool thing is that these great meals are so simple, nutritious, quick and inexpensive. Since I don’t want to take up blog space with the recipe, I’ll create a new recipe page, how’s that?

As I was exulting over the results of the cooking, it suddenly struck me. These were chicken halves that I picked up in the local grocery store. The sticker said they were “Locally Grown,” so I feel somewhat better about that. Hopefully they were more humanely treated, but who knows what they were fed? There was nothing on the label about being hormone or antibiotic free.

That’s when I started to get my “Monsanto” ire on. I told someone recently that I was more likely to die from worrying about Monsanto and their destruction of our food sources than I was from eating their products because I don’t. But the truth is, sometimes I have to. I always tell myself that it’s “okay” this one time, as long as I go back to organic the next time. In our little town, there’s virtually no organic selection of anything because most everybody around here grows their own meat and produce. That will work fine for me next year because I’ll have my own, too. But what about now?

So I have a choice of spending a little on this non-organic chicken or using gas to get to a larger town where I can find the more expensive organic chicken. Mind you, this complaint about price is absolutely NOT aimed at the organic industry. I blame it on a government that allows our food to be degraded, and will subsidize farmers in the Midwest not to grow anything, but wouldn’t dream of subsidizing an organic farm to produce decent food. I blame it on the ignorance of people who think “organic” is either a scam or a conspiracy.

Bottom line – it’s like a hold-up – your food or your life. I got news for ya – cancer and heart disease are products of eating poisoned and manipulated food. There are people out there who honestly believe that cancer just randomly “strikes.” Even if you’ve been eating it for years (like any of us over the age of 25), there are ways to detoxify yourself and start eating good food, and live.

Yesterday I showed you that heart disease comes primarily from eating manipulated—hydrogenated, trans fats. We were hoodwinked 50 years ago by research that told us that butter was bad for us, so we needed to eat margarine instead and use Crisco instead of lard. Now we know that margarine is full of trans fat, which is a killer. Organic butter is actually healthy for you. Regular butter is a different story, not because it’s a saturated fat, but because it’s full of pesticides, Bovine Growth Hormones (BGH), and antibiotics. Over and over and over, we hear that we are the sickest nation in the world. But most just absorb the information and keep right on buying it. Many can’t afford to do otherwise, and those on WIC (Women, Infants, and Children–a government program to ensure proper nutrition for poor mothers and their children) won’t even allow their participants to purchase organic items.

I, for one, will continue to eat nearly 100% organic, or food I grow myself and know what it’s been fed or what hasn’t been sprayed on it. I will continue to rail at Monsanto and the government. I will continue to tell this story over and over until everyone knows that our food sources are being systematically destroyed, that we need to eat only organic or what we grow ourselves (or else buy from a trusted local source), and that everything needs to change, quickly. Stress is another factor in illness, of course, but it is a factor of which we are in complete control by our choices. We’ll talk about that another day.

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