Day 4 Addendum — Exercise Progress Report In Which Less is More

Day 4 – Exercise Progress Report

One thing, I’m doing my exercise in the evening, two to three hours after I eat last. I realize that conventional wisdom says to exercise first thing in the morning and set your metabolism up for the entire day. It is also said that it is most effective when done in a fasting state, which is why early morning is good, before you have eaten.

However, the biggest thing is to let your body dictate and to do it whenever you will be the most consistent with it. I started doing it in the evening because I was getting into a habit of getting up at 8:30 in the morning and then being tired and wanting to go to bed by 9 or 9:30 at night. I don’t know about you, but 8 hours sleep is all I need, and I need those extra 3 hours to get stuff done! I started exercising in the evening to give my brain a boost so I don’t get so tired so early.

Tonight, I was really pleased with my progress. I only did 5 of 8 sets again. I could have done more, but I was very pleased at my increased stamina already. The other two evenings, as I was doing my 90 sec/30 sec intervals (90 normal speed/30 high intensity), it took me a full 60 seconds to recover and breathe normally again after the 30 seconds of HI. Tonight, there was very little recovery time, maybe only 10 to 15 seconds after the HI. I didn’t push it. I want this to become a daily habit far beyond the 90 days, so I want to work slowly up to the goal of 8 reps.

I believe I started out by saying my exercise goal was 30 minutes per night. But Mercola actually recommends 4 minutes of warm up, 16 minutes of HIIT, and then a cool down by reducing the activity by 80% after the last HI segment.

I started with the 4 minute warm up, then did 5 reps for 10 minutes, for a total of 14 minutes. I spent the last 6 minutes watering my flowers and mini garden. You might think that’s not exercise, but I am a writer with an extremely sedentary lifestyle (less now that I’m on the farm), so I consider any time I’m upright, walking, and doing anything in the yard, that counts as exercise. Obviously it is inadequate exercise in and of itself, but it’s fine in my mind to round out what I’m doing until I get up to speed with the 8 HIIT reps.

Just wanted to report that for tonight since I wrote the blog early today. Oh, and my pizza plan got waylaid. My sauce container was nearly empty with no ingredients to make more. So I settled for salmon and rice along with another spinach salad with creamy pesto dressing. Yum! TTFN.

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